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Multiple storylines and adventures pulled both from the 2007 movie and original content offer Spider-Man 3 gamers several alternative journeys. Featuring ten plot threads, players may follow the quest provided from the film or create their own super hero story. Completing all paths unlocks content as part of the 100 percent completion bonus.

Gamers once again don the red and black masks of Spider-Man and must face archenemies including the Green Goblin, Sandman, and Scorpion. Throughout the game players have the chance to stop crime by heading toward the highlighted areas found on the city map. Foiling the plans of bad guys can keep the public happy and provide gamers with lots of fans. Ignoring the pleas of the people has the opposite affect.

Periodically, Spider-Man gets back into the black suit, and may use it to jump farther, move faster, and throw a more powerful punch. Both the red and coal suits come with a meter that is filled through skilled combat. Once filled Spider-Man can inflict greater damage to more enemies.


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