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Castle Master is the fourth and final individual game to use the Freescape first-person solid 3D game system (after Driller, Dark Side and Total Eclipse). As a Prince or Princess armed with a slingshot, you have to explore a medieval castle to free your beloved from the evil Magister. Gameplay combines action and puzzle-solving, across four primary towers with three levels each. Doors must be opened using one of the ten included keys. These are unmarked, as are the various potions - making it a challenge to know which keys open which doors, and which potions are beneficial. Contact with ghouls drains your energy, as does falling too far (there are narrow pathways to negotiate), while eating cheese can replenish this. Movement and aiming are controlled separately.

Incentive's early action/adventure already showcases the robust 3D engine (named Freescape) that is revolutionary for its time (and pushed the capabilities of any machine it was released on to the limit). As either the prince or princess, your job is to explore a mysterious castle in search of your kidnapped twin, who is trapped in the tower by the Castle Master and guarded by the Guardian Spirits. The adventuring portion is a marked improvement over Total Eclipse in that the rooms are now recognizably different from one another, and puzzles more diverse and precise (finding keys to doors and secret tunnels are still the mainstay, however). Overall, a solid action/adventure that offers many hours of fun, although the control scheme is awkward and graphics still difficult to make out.

An early game using 3D - something like the grandfather of Tomb Raider. Your little sister has been kidnapped by an evil magician and now you set out to rescue her from the deepest dungeon of his castle. To get in there you need 10 magical pentagrams and various keys. As if that wouldn't be enough you have to fight your way through many monsters - ghosts summoned to prevent your rescue-attempt from success.

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