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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a compact action-adventure game designed by Crystal Dynamics, available by download through digital distribution sources including Steam. Part of the Tomb Raider mythology and starring Lara Croft, The Guardian of Light features elaborate set-piece puzzles and swashbuckling combat, but is played from an isometric perspective, instead of the third-person view most common in the series. The game was designed to accommodate co-op multiplayer play, with two-character puzzles and battles, but can be played solo with computer-controlled companion. Characters run, jump, and grapple across ledges and platforms, shooting and engaging in hand-to-hand combat with enemies. The adventure plays out on the Yucatán peninsula, as Lara searches for an artifact called the Mirror of Smoke, which is said to hold the evil spirit of an ancient god of darkness called Xolotl. Through epic misfortune, Xolotl is freed from the artifact, but another legendary figure, Totec the Guardian of Light, is also released back into the world at the same time. Totec accompanies Lara on her quest through perilous Maya ruins to recapture the dark god.


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