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A true icon of classic computer gaming, the Prince of Persia returns in The Forgotten Sands, an original 3D adventure of platform puzzles and free-flowing combat, set in the period between The Sands of Time and The Warrior Within. The game builds on the play style of these predecessors, with acrobatic exploration and scimitar-swinging melee, while adding new powers over the forces of nature and the flow of time, useful both in battle and on the move. Similarly, the storyline fits squarely in the Sands of Time saga, while adding new characters, conflicts, and plot elements.

Following his epic conflict with the Vizier in Azad, the Prince visits the kingdom of his brother, to find the palace besieged by an army of unmatchable might and ferocity. Seeing no other option, he uses his power over the Sand to save the kingdom from complete annihilation. As before, the unleashing of these mystical forces has great and far-reaching consequences, to which the noble hero must attend, in order to preserve the truth of existence and prove himself still worthy of the powers he commands. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is released alongside the summer 2010 theatrical debut of Disney's

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