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Hexxagon is a board-game. You have a table which contains a hexagon fields, 58 in total, and each player/computer starts with having three of them. You can move one or two fields in any direction. If you move one, you get the new one and the one you have filled stays untouched. If you jump two spaces, you loose the first one, and get only the second one. Every field that borders to the one you just came onto becomes yours. The winner is the one who has the most fields at the endgame, or the one that stand alone, in which case he gots all 58 fields.

The first time I ever played a game like this was when I played The 7th Guest (but that was more of a square-a-gon - you played in an square).

Not much to say about the game really. It's was designed as a board game (like Othello or Reversi). You have red chips and your opponent has blue ones. If you move the chip to the adjacent space they multiply - if you jump with it you just move it. If you move your chip to a space next to the one where your opponent has a chip - you 'eat' his one.

The winner is the person with most chips when the whole hexxagon is filled up (or if someone losses all his or hers chips before that). This game offers you three different levels and a two player mode.

It's a freeware game, and I decided to put it up when I saw someone request it in the forum. Not much more to say except that it's kinda fun strategy game that you'll probably end up playing in between something else.

Hexxagon is a pretty challenging board game. Move around to occupy the whole board and defeat your opponent. Your can use your pieces by moving/duplicating them or just jumping.

Whenever you move your piece to a field right besides any of your opponents pieces, they change into yours, and vice versa. Three difficulty levels and customisable boards. A puzzle game worth a try.

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