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Sequel to Argo's original and widely known Hexxagon, Hexxagon 2 adds improved graphics, better AI and somewhat better board configuration options while keeping the same fundamental gameplay.

I used to play Hexxagon against a friend of mine, in hot-seat mode. Actually, we'd have two chairs behind a single desk and kept grabbing and punching the keyboard (and each other as well). He usually beat me (in Hexxagon mind you, I seriously owned him in Doom!). The game was simple in concept and gameplay, but sadly also in graphics, sound and AI. You could beat the computer easily, even when it was in the 'Hard' mode. Nevertheless, it was a nice game that kept me entertained for quite a while. The same year, Hexxagon 2 was released, but by that time I had moved on to other games, so I never paid it any attention.

The game is simple. Conquer the board by filling it with tiles of your own kind. You can multiple one of your own blocks by moving a single field, or jump over a square. Any opponents next to the field you land on, will be changed into one of your own. Watch out if you leave a hole, because your opponent can jump in and take over all the adjacent fields in one fell swoop. If you play it once, you know the rules. Tactics however, require some practice...

Hexxagon 2 offers the same game as it predecessor does, but comes with shiny new graphics, somewhat better sound effects and slightly improved computer intelligence. It certainly looks good, with nice animations when you takeover an opponent. And, as did Hexxagon 1, it offers a board-editor, so you can alter the layout of the playingfield. So, since there are no world-shattering novelties in this game, as compared to version one, I'm going to leave the score at three. It's a decent game, that you should definitely try out and play a couple of times, but it will not keep you entertained for more then a few hours!

Well... this game is almost identical to Hexxagon 1 except for the layour. It's a pretty challenging board game though. Move around to occupy the whole board and defeat your opponent.

Your can use your pieces by moving/duplicating them or by jumping. Whenever you move your piece to a field right besides any of your opponents pieces, they change into yours, and vice versa. There are three difficulty levels and customisable boards. Worth a try if you are looking for a good and different board game.

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