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This game is a pretty standard variant of the classic Sea Battle game that you've probably played before on paper. The difference in this computer game interpretation is that once you enter your name as a player, and receive your personal card that holds some statistics, you can immediately start playing. I don't know why, but in this game you play as Russia vs. Ukraine. That's quite... interesting, but maybe it was inspired by the political situation in Russia at that time.

Anyways, at first you have to position your ships (which come in a variety of sizes) on a map. When you are finished, two fields are shown. On the left, you can see your layout of ships, and on the right is the computer's. Then you just have to fire at the cells and with a bit of luck you may hit something. The game ends after all ships on either side are sunk.

The only frustrating issue in this game is that if the computer hits a ship that is occupying more than one cell, his next shots will ALWAYS hit that ship in the rest of its cells, and you can easily lose the game in this way. So if the computer hits your four cell dreadnought, you can say goodbye to your chances of winning that game. I think it's unfair.


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