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LEGO Island is the shooting location for the next big Hollywood blockbuster and the film's star stuntman will be none other than pizza-delivery-boy-turned-local-hero Pepper Roni. Pepper must perform a variety of thrilling stunts using a plane, helicopter, jet skis, motorbike, sky-board, and skateboard. In Island Xtreme Stunts, the hero will encounter freeways, motorbike courses, ocean waves, air chases, and skydiving, as well as three additional sub-games (jigsaw puzzle, tile matching, and Xtreme Tower). Pepper is kept busy by the havoc caused by his longtime nemesis, the Brickster, and must rescue victims while performing stunts for his movie director.

The action/adventure contains more than 25 quests, offers bronze, silver or gold LAFTA (LEGO Academy of Film and Television Arts} awards for successful stunts, and allows saves at any point except during certain sub-games. Features include five types of background music (country, easy, rock, soul and pop), character voices, subtitles (optional), power-ups, high score tracking, and collectibles (LAFTAs, photos, LEGO bricks, trading cards, and sub-quests). This single-player game is based on the LEGO stuntman and construction toys.


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