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Gamers play through both sides of a classic horror story in bitComposer's interactive interpretation of Jekyll & Hyde. Based on the 1886 novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, the game follows the story of young Dr. Henry Jekyll, who searches for a cure to the plague but instead unleashes a personification of the darkest elements of his own personality: the misanthropic Mr. Hyde. In the roles of both aspects of the protagonist's split personality, players must continue to search for a cure to the epidemic that is devastating the people of London, while also seeking an antidote to their own accidental affliction. The game progresses through conventional point-and-click exploration and character interaction, but also features action sequences requiring well-timed player input, and puzzle-solving in Dr. Jekyll's chemistry laboratory. In particular, working in the lab gives players the opportunity to experiment, create solutions, and move the story forward. Dr. Jekyll can also carry a small chemistry set, which allows him to create transformation potions and change into his powerful alter-ego out in the field.


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