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Intended for ages seven and up, Jurassic Park III: Danger Zone! contains obstacle courses, hazards, dinosaurs, and mini-games designed to challenge one or two players as they explore the secrets of Jurassic Park. An earthquake has nearly destroyed InGen's supply of dinosaur DNA samples and you must replace them to keep the prehistoric creatures from becoming extinct yet again. As players negotiate their 4 x 4 vehicle through the island's main screen obstacle course, they initiate arcade-style mini-games by landing on challenge spaces.

Each player begins the game with 300 points, which are used to buy health kits, tires for the SUV, a helicopter ride, or an extra turn to try and tag dinosaur DNA. Collecting four dinosaur DNA samples qualifies you for entry into the Jurassic Park laboratories where you can clone up to seven different types of dinosaurs and print them out. Mystery cards drawn during the challenges increase or decrease the number of points.

Up to a dozen specialized supplies can be carried by each player and include items like bug spray, rope, free repair or rescue, narrow escape, batteries, and so forth. Mini-games offer a diverse range of challenges from timed runs to sneaking past a Tyrannosaurus Rex to gather supplies. Hazards like mud pits, dinosaur dung, traps, and quicksand can be avoided by paying points, using the correct supplies, or luck.


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