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Bug Detective Chrys Liszt is pounding the pavement -- with all four legs -- trying to solve a murder case in the seedy city of Troi. Backed by her loyal, trigger-happy partner Roachy Caruthers, Liszt will find her answers, one way or another, by zapping the goo out of anything creepy, crawly, or cranky. Weapons at her disposal include nectar cannons, pollinators, nectar blasters, and amberizers, each differing in range, damage, and ammo type. Viewed from a third-person perspective, Insecticide features tongue-in-cheek humor, noir-style atmosphere, and cartoon-like visuals. In between the bug-blasting action, players will engage in investigation sequences structured like traditional adventure games. A point-and-click interface is used to talk with characters, present "evidence," interact with objects, and more.


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