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In the action-oriented 3D role-playing game Darkened Skye, the player takes the role of the title character and embarks on a quest to collect four prisms that may help bring the light of goodness back to the world. Skye of Lynlora was just a restless shepherd when she first came across the strange item that would change her life forever. Now she has opened a portal to another place and chaos has come forth. Only Skye can set things right once again. She will face an assortment of fantasy characters and creatures in her journeys as she makes her way through 30 missions set across five different game worlds.

It is notable that, like some other releases from publisher Simon and Schuster (including the Boston Animation developed hybrid M&M's: The Lost Formulas), this game features prominent product placement in the form of Skittles brand fruit-flavored candies. Indeed, it is the mystic power of Skittles that moves Skye through more than one threatening game situation. In spite of any potential incongruities of featuring a familiar consumer item in a fantasy world, Darkened Skye strives to provide the graphical competence, engrossing story, and state-of the art play that gamers expect from a major 2002 release.

A real-time action/adventure game for teens and adults based around several of the popular and enigmatic Skittles: Taste the Rainbow fantasy television commercials. It features a level-based, third-person-shooter style of design, but also includes a rich story line and a healthy dose of adventure game-type puzzles. Skye, our heroine, fights and puzzles her way through 30 real-time levels. Gameplay within each level is open-ended, free-roaming and non-linear. Magic takes the place of high-tech weaponry in the frequent combat encounters, while cutting-edge humor replaces blood and gore. The game is rendered in beautiful, high fantasy style and the quest is serious but Skye and her companion, a mouthy little gargoyle named Draak, make a steady stream of irreverent observations that poke fun at gaming cliches, themselves and their hopeless quest.


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