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All of humanity is once again at stake in Space Ace. The evil commander Borf has developed an "Infanto Ray" which can change anyone it hits into a baby. Not only does our hero Ace have to defend Earth against this, but Borf has increased the stakes by kidnapping Ace's girlfriend Kimberly! As Ace your mission is to find and destroy this "Infanto Ray", rescue Kimberly and save the Earth from the evil hands of Borf. Throughout the game, Ace morphs back and forth from the puny Ace to the heroic Space Ace, adding another twist to gameplay.

Space Ace includes every scene from the original laserdisc arcade game.

Following the successful gameplay of Dragon's Lair, Don Bluth released this second conversion of his Laserdisc games series.

You're playing Dexter, a guy fighting the evil madman Borf who has kidnapped your girlfriend Kimberly and is now threatening the world with his dreaded weapon, the "Infanto Ray" which turns adults into small children.

The game plays like a comic strip - visuals are similar to many cartoon movies. In each scene you only have to decide which direction of the keyboard has to be hit in order to avoid one of the countless death screens and to advance to the next screen...

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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