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In the arcade, long ago, a game totally fascinated me. Dragon's Lair, a game composed completely from animation, caught my eye immediately. When I wandered upon Dragon's Lair for the PC, it was an immediate purchase I made.

For all intents and purposes, Dragon's Lair is very much 'eye candy'. Pleasing to the eye, Dragon's Lair is little more than an animated movie that you have no control of, other than whether the movie continues or not (based on which direction you press).

At times, the sounds seemed not to fit the game, and occasionally I'd be placed in a sequence I'd already gone through, or the same sequence only mirrored (so the action was reversed). As well, the PC version of Dragon's Lair contained considerably less of the scenes found in the arcade game, which is quite understandable but disappointing nonetheless.

Once I got the moves down (press left when the plant snaps at you, up to jump on the table, space to swing your sword etc.) the game became less frustating, but the process of learning the moves was very annoying.

Dragon's Lair offers much in the field of looking good, but as far as gameplay goes, it's severly lacking. This title is destined to be found in bargain bins forever, but surely worth the meager $5 or $10 you might have to splurge on it.

Graphics: Great cartoon animation! Dirk's expressions are great. My favourite character has to be "The Lizard King"

Sound: Good sound, although sometimes sounds which didn't totally match the action were played.

Enjoyment: Once past the stumbling block of memorizing which keys to press, the game just look awesome.

Replay Value: After you get the moves down pat, you just want to play it again to see the graphics.

Originally released in the arcades as a laserdisc game, Dragon's Lair is an interactive cartoon movie. Players control Dirk the Daring as he struggles his way through a dungeon to fight Singe, the Dragon, and rescue the beautiful Princess Daphne. The game consists of animated scenes, during which the player has to press direction buttons or the sword button in the right moment to trigger the next segment of the movie.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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