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Fooblitzky was Infocom's attempt at changing their image in three ways: by making a graphic, multiplayer, strategy game.

The concept was kind of a scavenger hunt, where players would run around town, spend money. collect clues and deduce what the four objects were to win the game.

It used many off-computer components, including folding maps/notebooks.

Some remake of a strange boardgame. You're a dog and have to collect some items on a board. The game is unfortenately 2-color mode.

A brief but notable foray into the board game market by the masters of interactive fiction, Fooblitzsky is a novel attempt to use the PC to assist in playing a board game (e.g. roll a die) to make it more fun. Four players compete (as dogs-- no, really) to collect the right four objects before each other. A cool idea, but the awful 2-color graphics will convince you that this should be sold only as a *board* game-- and not only a good one at that.

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