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First you choose one out of four different characters to represent you, Scarlet (red army), Oberon (yellow army), Caesar (green army), or Madcap (blue army). The game is split into 10 levels - the first 9 are groups of 3 territories which can be completed in any other, while the final 'Mother of All Battles' has its own surprises.

Land is mostly of sand, grass or ice. You start with 100 men and you can use whatever quantity you find necessary on each island. The rest men left will go to another level with another new 100. In the second half of the game you can freeze men to save them for the Mother of All Battles. Once you select your island and place for your HQ, you must do some research for better weapons and defences. On the roof of your buildings you can put protectors like archers, gunmen, boiling oil men, and later on even laser turrets. If you send a team of unarmed men into an unoccupied square, they will build an additional base there, with larger armies completing this more quickly.

Later on higher levels, you'll also build mines and factories, as you'll need to dig a certain material for higher level weapons, depending on whether the area you're on is rich with a certain material or not. With each next level, you'll start from a higher technology level and be able to progress to one higher level up then the at previous level.

If there is more then just one enemy, you can make an alliance until you crush the other one - three of you can form an alliance against fourth enemy. For what its worth, a certain numeric level of defence is always stronger from the same level of attacker, and men that are not armed (conscripts) can only kill enemy soldiers, not destroy or attack enemy fort.

The main thing as it always is in strategy games is to be the sole survivor and lead your men to victory, experimenting on vicious technologies, equipping your men, making a perfect soldiers out of them, produce shields, weapons, planes... to dominate the world and crush your opponents.

You can do the battling only in a certain quadrant, but don't be long as your men will automatically start building the fort, and it will be at the bottom of age level and you'll need to invent everything for that one again.

This game's name reflects its nature pretty accurately. It is truly megalomaniacal when it comes to addictiveness or the time it requires from the player. It has been ported to all most popular gaming platforms that existed in the early ninetees. These include Amiga, Genesis, Atari ST and PC. Some may argue that the versions differ in quality due to better graphics or more intuitive controls, but I believe its the gameplay that counts the most, and it is the same in all versions.

So, you're probably wondering what is this game is about in the first place. I'm not going to retell the whole introduction sequence here, but I'll give you the basics. You are a god and you have a designated tribe which you control. But you are not alone; there are also 3 other gods controlling their tribes on the same planet, and you are fighting the other gods so that your tribe would become the most powerful one in the world. You will oversee the development of your tribe from the time of the wheel all the way to the discovery of nuclear power.

The game is split into epochs. Each epoch consists of several missions that you must accomplish in order to get a secret word for the next epoch. This basically means that you will have to complete an entire epoch before you can actually "save" your game. This can be pretty frustrating as an epoch can consist of many missions, so I suggest you start playing bigger ones in the morning :) There is another aspect of this game you should be careful about. Each epoch you are granted 100 people, and for each mission you choose a number of people you will start playing with. You should carefully choose this as it is important that you use as little people as possible for easier missions, in order to save them for the harder ones.

In each mission you will have to watch over 5 things. These are research, attack, defence, breeding and mining. The object of the game is to assign the people in the best possible way in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The more people you have working in a certain area, the faster this area develops. So, the more non-workers you have, the faster your population will grow, the more people you have researching, the faster you will get new inventions and so on. This might sound easy, but its extremely challenging. With time, you will gain confidence and try to start the missions with insanely small amounts of people, so you can basically make the game as challenging as you want it to be.

But enough with the spoilers. I suggest you give it a shot and see how you do. This game is very mentally challenging and if you give it some time to get accustomed to, it will keep you hooked for months to come. The concept of Mega Lo Mania is very original and intelligent, and it has been flawlessly executed in form of a game. The only reason why I give it a 4 mark is because I find the mission saving incapability very irritating, but still, who could resist playing god, even for a day!

You think a game like Civilization is a bit too detailed but like a game with the same sharp images as in Warcraft? Then Mega lo Mania might be a game for you since it offers simplified gameplay as seen in Civilization. What I'm most impressed with is the graphics though as they make the entire game interface very good and easy to use once you have learned using the left negation menu.

Other than you have to do research in new technologies you also have to expand your empire as well as conquer new areas by attacking the other empires. Like with Civilization you also have a timeline so you can always compare how far you are against what has actually happened. It's very easy to assign some of your men to research into new weapons as you simply assign the amount of men and you then see how long it will take to make it based on how many men you assign to the job. You can also get a status of your different buildings all the time.

While it does offer a decent strategy gameplay with great graphics I must admit I'm not a big fan of these less serious games and would always prefer a game like Civilization instead of Mega lo Mania but if you are one of those overwhelmed with too many things this is most likely a great game for you. Worth a try.

One of the early realtime-strategy-games. But WOW!!! what a game! Never ever played another strategy-game with that a great sense of humor, fantastic concept and fine graphics. Yeah well, today they make better graphics, but those graphics are just right and fit the game. I LOVE Mega lo Mania! We played that game for hours, days, weeks, months back then. It was almost something like a religion. The idea of the game is a simple - almost arcade-like - version of a classic research-building-attacking-based strategy-game, like maybe Civilization. But they simplified things to this ingenious mixture they created. According to the available resources you can expand your bases and invent better technologies. First starting with those incredible High-Tech weapons like wooden sticks and stones to be thrown at your enemies, soon going over to the more effective ones like swords and bows and in the end finally to flying UFO-like warmachines. Yeah, this game got it all. Nights of playing are guaranteed!

Mega lo Mania is an entertaining strategy game that took up quite a lot of my time many moons ago on my trusty old Amiga. It was also released on other platforms such as the Megadrive and the PC, which is the version we have for you here.

The game starts with a short intro detailing the playing world and your ultimate goal and then moves onto choosing your player. You get to choose from 4 gods - Scarlet, Oberon, Caesar, or Madcap.

After the formalities it's on to the game. You start in the 1st Epoch, 9500BC and in total there are 9 Epochs each with 3 islands to conquer and with each Epoch you progress to, the time period will progress as well. After choosing one of the islands to play you choose a starting place, as do the computer players.

The first few islands are relatively easy to master with little to do, you can design a few weapons for your men and shields and armaments to boost the defence of your base and then attack the other players. In later islands you also have to mine resources to build weapons etc and you can move into other unoccupied places on the island to further increase your strength. If you are on an island with more than one opponent then you can form an alliance with one and combine to wipe out the other. However as soon as there are only two of you, you revert back to being enemies.

As time progresses so does the technology level. You will start of with sticks and stones but will progress to catapults, rifles, planes, nukes and even futuristic spacecraft!

In the end this isn't the hardest of strategy games but it will keep you occupied for a while and will be sure to entertain. To quote the game, it's, 'Ergonomically Terrific!

MEGA lo MANIA is a game where the player chooses to be one of 4 would-be-gods, each seeking to gain total supremacy over a planet. Each of the 4 would-be-gods controls a race of people (his team) Who slowly advance in weapon and defense technologies (from cave man through the middle ages, the Victorian era and on to present day nuclear weaponry and beyond) and fight each other for control of islands. The player wins by taking control of all 28 islands situated around the planet surface. The first 27 islands are divided into groups of three - each group being known as an Epoch. The player may choose to conquer the islands in any order, but he must conquer each Epoch is sequence before he can finally fight the `Mother of Battles' over the 28th island - known simply as MEGA lo MANIA. Only then will the player have achieved the ultimate goal of becoming the eternal god of this battle scarred planet!

A wacky Populous clone that is fun for a short while before degenerating into mediocrity, Mega Lo Mania lets you lead a primitive tribe through the evolution of mankind, conquering neighboring islands in the process. The premise is evidently inspired by Populous: as one of four gods, your goal is to lead your people to conquer the entire map. You do this by ordering your followers to develop weapons, and send them out to try to destroy the enemy's fortifications.

A novel idea that Mega Lo Mania introduces to the mold is that the game is split up into "epochs," each of which is split into three islands. As you progress through the game, so does the time scale and corresponding human evolution. Hence, catapults and swords give way jet planes, nukes and eventually U.F.Os. The game is simple at first: you just need to design the weapons to use them. But as you progress, you need to mine the raw materials needed to manufacture the weapons, use factories to manufacture the weapons, or even use a lab which is needed to design complicated weapons. You can also form alliances with your opponents, but these are only temporary reliefs because you must destroy everyone to win a level.

With funny opponents who are parodies of real-life leaders, charming graphics and sound, and simple yet addictive gameplay, Mega Lo Mania is a good "light" strategy game that is perfect for those who are new to the genre. Strategy veterans, however, should scoff at the game's weak AI and look elsewhere for their fill.

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