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Volcano is a very fun and unique real-time "god game." You play a god who could be benevolent (Gaia) or malicious (Thanatos); who either prevent villagers from deadly lava that is flowing from an erupting volcano, or kill them all.

The gameplay is very easy to learn: the only thing you do in the game is raise and lower the ground a la Populous to divert lava flows at or around villages (represented on the map as small huts).

With a unique premise, good graphics that needs no 3D accelerator, easy to learn controls, and above all a fun gameplay, Volcano is a very enjoyable freeware old game that will keep both action and strategy fans happy for a long time. Having a choice between being a good or evil god is a great feature that should be present in more games. The game includes 20 basic levels, plus a great random map mode to ensure that no two games will ever be alike.


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