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Age of Sail is a game of real-time strategy on the high seas that puts players in the role of the commander of a fleet of ships during the time period of 1775 to 1820. This title immerses players in the era through the use of large, colorful maps and intricately detailed miniature representations of ships. Players can compete with friends via modem or enjoy a campaign game that spans several years and over 100 battles, including moments of historic importance such as the Battle of Trafalgar.

Several nationalities can be chosen from, and players can cast their lot with the British, Spanish, French, or American navies. The object is to win the bloody real-time battles at all costs, and by doing so players can work their way up the chain of command until they've attained the prestigious rank of admiral. Over two thousand authentically modeled vessels are available for play, and all of these can be accessed using the scenario editor, which allows players to design their own battles and trade them with friends.

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