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The medieval mixture of city building and real-time strategy of Stronghold continues with Stronghold: Crusader. The twist: this time it's the Europeans, led by the ruthless Richard I, invading Phoenicia and Palestine to confront the forces of Islam, led by the cunning Saladin. Players will take command of either side and engage in fierce tactical combat including open field battles, sieges, and campaigns.

During the Third Crusade, Christian forces invaded the Holy Land, captured Jaffa, then stalled and failed to capture Jerusalem. They fought several bloody battles and countless skirmishes against Saladin, but neither side won a decisive victory. Eventually the cost of maintaining an army so far removed from Europe forced a peace accord and a withdrawal -- Saladin triumphed.

Stronghold: Crusader offers players a chance to control either side and rewrite the history book during four extensive campaigns. Utilize many varied units including: assassins, horse archers, slaves, Greek fire, fire watchmen, moats, killing pits, Arabian swordsmen, Teutonic knights, grenadiers, siege towers, fire ballistas, trebuchets, and mangonels. A scenario editor allows the creation of new maps and missions, while the multiplayer options allow eight-player battles over a LAN or the Internet.

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