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Sim Park is a fun game. Although it says ages 8+ (making it seem like a kids game) older audiences will also find it to be quite enjoyable. It is interesting to see how all the different types of animals interact with each other, as well as the people that eventually visit your park. You start off with a limited amount of money, like always, and all of the materials do cost a substantial amount. However, you will not have a problem starting off a park where people will come in and you will soon make your money back.

The graphics are adequate, but nothing spectacular. You will know exactly what type of animal or plant you are putting into your park and you can't really ask for much more from a simulation game like this. They are somewhat cute however, and do get on the nerves of an older player at least a little bit, but younger players may find the graphics to be perfect.

A cool feature in the game is the disasters. You can choose to have you park be subjected to a number of disasters, ranging from tornadoes to alien invasions to kudzu. Why would one want to be hit with these disasters? Just to see the aliens spell out, with their pods, "Resistance is futile," visible only from the park map. It's things like this that make the game fun.

Another cool detail to the game is the ability to learn about all of the things being put in your park. If you click on the animal or plant when you have the microphone option pressed down, it will tell you a little bit about itself.

Graphics: Cute, somewhat plain

Sound: Adequate.

Enjoyment: It's fun to make a park.

Replay Value: You'll keep comin' back for more.

SimPark teaches the importance of ecological balance in visual and easy-to-grasp ways. For example, the player soon learns that if no flat-leafed flowers are planted, the park won't attract bees. And if the park doesn't attract bees, pollenation won't occur and the park cannot thrive. SimPark also requires kids to identify the park's plant and animal life in addition to properly managing its animal and plant population. Overall, it's a solid "lite" version of SimIsle that allows kids to have fun while learning just how delicate the balance of nature really is.


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