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Touted as being the only racing simulator to include all the tracks from the 2000 and 2001 Winston Cup, NASCAR Racing 4 features detailed physics and a real-time 3D rendering engine. The game lets you drive one of over 70 vehicles from the NASCAR 2001 season. Once you select a vehicle, you can take it to the paint shop to give it a distinctive look. In the paint shop you can paint on the "unwrapped skin" from the 3D model of your vehicle, or customize the look of your pit crew and equipment.

Racing selections are Testing Session, Single Race, Championship, and Multiplayer. The Testing Session mode allows you to run your vehicle solo on the track, offering a chance to troubleshoot potential problems with your vehicle's racing configuration. Choosing a Single Race will let you run against computer opponents at the venue of your choice, and Championship mode takes you on the entire NASCAR racing circuit. If you don't find the fourth generation of artificial intelligence challenging enough, test your mettle against the best the Internet has to offer by going online in the multiplayer mode. There you'll find a community of friendly competition willing to swap a little paint on the track.


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