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Stunt GP is a combination of stunt driving, racing and radio controlled cars. None of the cars are based on real world R/C cars. Instead, the developers created their own cars that do not completely abide by the laws of physics. The cars are divided into three groups: Wild Wheels, Speed Demons and Aero Blasters. Wild Wheels are the heaviest cars of the group and feature 4-wheel drive. As the name suggests, Speed Demons are built for speed and are the fastest cars in the game. Aero Blasters are the cars that will be performing the most impressive stunts. Individually, cars can be tweaked in areas such as batteries, boosts, gears and engines.

Players will be taking their cars through more than eight tracks. Some of the tracks include a Japanese water garden, a warehouse, a multi-story parking lot and the Stunt GP arena. Tracks are filled with ramps, loop-de-loops and a variety of other items specially built for performing stunts. For each track players can select a track texture so that the same track can be raced three times on three different surfaces. Track textures can be specialized for speed, stunt or off-road -- not unlike each group of cars.

In order to perform the highest level of stunts players can build up more speed through the use of energy. Each car features energy that depletes as users increase their speed by burning the energy. Energy can be increased while racing by either performing stunts or by driving through a Pit-Charging Bay. Energy gained through stunts are called aeromiles. The longer your car stays in the air during a stunt the more aeromiles you will be rewarded with.

Modes of play for single-player games include Arcade, Time Trial, Stunt-Trial, Practice, League and Challenge. The multi-player modes featured are Quick Race, Catch'Em 2-Player, Lap Attack race and Lap Attack stunts.


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