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This futuristic flight combat sim challenges aces to save humanity from the genocidal intentions of an invading alien race. Players take the role of a crack pilot in a desperate time, and climb into the virtual cockpits of advanced, heavily armed aircraft to take out marauding aliens both on land and in the sky. A total of 18 different craft become available throughout the game. Planes can be armed from a selection of 16 weapons, ranging from high-tech to sci-fi and include torpedoes, guided missiles, and plasma guns. The game's control schemes are designed to accommodate both arcade-style action and accurate flight simulation. In addition to the campaign mode, up to 48 players can fly the same skies online, over the Internet or a LAN. Like the contemporary helicopter combat sim Fair Strike, Encore's Echelon was crafted by a Russian studio (MADia) and published outside of the U.S. by Buka Entertainment.


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