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A fun Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style entrant in the LOTECHComp, although it's essentially just a clever implementation of a logic puzzle. As Mark Silcox points out, The Knapsack Problem is "...a dressed-up optimization problem rather than a game in any strict sense, this one nonetheless has its charm. You have to figure out how to fit as many objects of different weights into a traditional IF-ers finite inventory repository without getting stuck in the Djinni's cave. I'm afraid I did so very, very many problems of this sort in high school math that I couldn't be bothered to fiddle with my tally of objects for very long, but I still ran the file a good half-dozen times just to watch the game generate random but highly funny names for each of its heavy artifacts. Playing this for a while would be a good way to "warm up" before starting out on a Graham Nelson game, maybe." Recommended if you enjoy IF games with a strong bent on mathematical logic (like The Magic Toyshop), or want to see an original use of CYOA format. I liked it for the 10 minutes that it lasted, but it's certainly not for everyone -- especially if you hate math.


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