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Working for Professor Bhandam, you'll assume the role of an archeologist searching for the scattered Gems of Darkness. Located in the City of Ancients, these gems will unravel the mysteries of the pre-Sumerian civilization and offer insight as to where the Treasure of Kavi is hidden.

As the sequel to Jewels of the Oracle, Jewels II: The Ultimate Challenge blends pre-rendered 3D graphics with exploration and puzzle solving elements. Unlocking and obtaining various gems involves solving complex devices; these puzzles include creating a complete picture by aligning fragments, exploring mazes, sliding objects and resolving logic-based games.

After solving a puzzle, you're given a token; this allows you to play a variation of what you solved. With non-linear gameplay, there is no set order in which to work the devices -- when you've hit a dead end, explore your surroundings for clues and other puzzles.

Exploration is handled one of two ways: pointing-and-clicking throughout the 3D environments or using a map of the Atrium. While the point-and-click interface is included for those who wish to explore the surroundings, the map screen is for those gamers who would rather test their puzzle-solving prowess. Regardless, there are three distinctive floors with varying challenges located in the Atrium.

Jewels II: The Ultimate Challenge also features tools that allow you to reset the given puzzle, save your game and access Professor Bhandam's notebook. This journal features vital clues and solutions pertaining to individual devices. There's also a token box with a mysterious emblem; once you've obtained enough tokens, you can begin deciphering the final riddle. Additionally, there are two difficulty settings including easy and difficult.

Will you be able to unravel the ancient mysteries that plagued the pre-Sumerian civilization? Furthermore, will you overcome the challenges and discover the prized Treasure of Kavi or become engulfed in the City of Ancient's devious devices?

Jewels 2 is a puzzle game set in an archeological dig were a pre-sumerian culture left a great treasure. To unlock the treasure you must uncover 24 rune tokens from several places in the dig by solving for each one a logic/pattern recognition puzzle of varying difficulty. The main game screen consists of a map from where you can go directly to each puzzle as well as other interesting sites. There's an in-game journal that offers hints for most puzzles and if you are really stuck you can also consult with the digitally-captured professor Bhandam (the guy in charge of the dig) for hints. The game also offers two difficulty settings for each puzzle.

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