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Radio Active bills itself as The Music Trivia Game Show. Up to four players can compete and each chooses from a set of 16 avatars to represent them. The avatars are all digitized actors and fall into a number of stereotypes such as the fitness instructor, the rebel, the cheerleader, the pirate, the surfer dude, the cover girl, the cowboy, and the nerd. The players take turns answering trivia questions covering music from 1961 to 1985. A player spins the wheel to select a time span of 4-5 years in which the question will fall. The player then chooses either an easy, medium, or hard question, worth 100, 200, or 300 points, respectively. The game asks a question and gives the player a set period of time in which to select from among 16 possible answers. The player has one opportunity to get it wrong. If the player is wrong twice then the next player gets to try the same question. However, if the player gets the question right, then they get the points as well as a point bonus corresponding to the time remaining when the question was correctly answered. After answering a textual question correctly, a player has the opportunity to identify a music melody.

Another type of question is the video question. A person will recite clues about a particular musician they once worked with and the player has to choose from among 16 possible answers. Further, the game throws an extended round every 3 rounds. In the extended round, there are actually 3 correct answers among the 16 and each is worth points.

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