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After the success and critical acclaim given to the program Math Heads, by Theatrix, they expanded the series into another two games, Word Heads and Strategy Heads.

Strategy Heads reinforces critical and logical thinking skills. To begin, players pick their favorite head, hat and body from the lineup given. They can also make their own heads into playing pieces by using the Heads Creator program included on the CD-ROM.

Strategy Heads offers three games with three difficulty levels.

Channel Two: Eye Gotcha, the first game, is hosted by a one-eyed green alien named Vera Vain who wears a silver space suit straight out of the original Star Trek series. At level one, there are 5 and 8 point questions, At level two, there are 5, 8 and 10 point questions. At level three, there are only 8 and 10 point questions.

The object of the game is to answer questions to move from the top of the game board to the bottom. Only straight lines are acceptable, not diagonal lines. The questions all involve perception and lines. During play, categories shift and change without warning.

After choosing a category and point value of questions, players will be asked a question. Three possible answers are shown on three small TVs. The player must click on one of the answers before 30 seconds are up. The program then explains why the answer was right or wrong. Points are awarded for correct answers, subracted for wrong answers. Answering questions quickly also awards bonus points. Clues cost 10 points.

Channel Three: Mystery Theatre is hosted by Camilla Club. Players are shown a picture that has been altered by different filters. Players must guess which filters have been used, and in what order. They have five chances to get it right. If the problem is solved correctly, they get to see the image unscrambled and gain points.

After a player decides which three clues of the six to use, symbols appear over the clues. An X indicates that clue is wrong. An arrow shows that the clue was either used after or before its current place. No image means the clue is in its correct place.

Channel 5: Mondo Mazes, host Raoul puts you in a maze with star-shaped "goodies". You must rearrange the walls of the maze to collect the goodies and avoid the bulge. If you run into the bulge, you lose any goodies you may have collected and are randomly placed in the maze.

The maze may be played timed or untimed. In the timed maze, you have 30 seconds to collect as many goodies as you can. In the untimed maze, you have 15 moves to do the same. Each goodie is worth 10 points.

The other two channels, Channel 2 and 6, have no games associated with them. Channel 2 is the preview channel, which shows off the three games and unrelated funny advertisements.

Channel 6 is the Shopping channel. You can use you accumulated points to purchase heads, hats, bodies, puzzles, fonts or other games which you can show to your friends.

Graphics: Cut-out and crude, but very fun.

Sound: Loud and easy to listen to.

Enjoyment: Kids will have fun playing these games, but may find the rewards on the shopping channel lame.

Replay Value: Some of the questions reappear more or less frequently.

Strategy Heads, like its companion Math Heads, creates a TV-like environment by interspersing game shows with a preview channel, a shopping channel, and a "Get A Head" channel in which a player can create her own contestant by selecting a head, body, and a

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