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Happy Tree Friends False Alarm has players leading cuddly little creatures through danger-filled levels to safety -- or not. Based on the cartoons created by Kenn Navarro and Rhode Montejo, the game is composed of environmental escort puzzles, in the same spirit as Lemmings or Lost Vikings. Players can control one of three characters from the show -- Lumpy, the moose; Flippy, the bear; or Handy, the beaver -- who lead other Tree Friends past the traps, drops, bombs, and other deadly impediments in each level. Each of these main characters can use special equipment, such as concrete, ice, or explosives, to create safe pathways past danger, but much of the game's play involves figuring out which items to use in each new situation. As in the animated series, the ultra-cute characters often meet ultra-violent ends, but luckily, in games as in cartoons, death is usually only temporary (even when it is gratuitously gory). The initial release of Sega's Happy Tree Friends False Alarm is digitally distributed, through Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 and by internet download for Windows PCs.


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