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Up to 6 players can compete in this game show like trivia game. Categories include movies/showbiz, science, nature, true trivia, sports, and more.

The program allows players to even add their own questions to the game.

Trivia 101, 3-K Trivia, and TV and Cinema 101 together constitute a trilogy of trivia games developed by Digital Learning Systems and published by IBM in 1984. The games are all straightforward multiple-choice trivia games that allow up to 6 (in 3-K Trivia) or 14 (in TV and Cinema 101) players to compete, either individually or in teams. The questions range from easy to very hard. Except for TV and Cinema 101 which is clearly about TV and films, the other two games offer a nice range of categories, including sports, nature, famous epitaphs, and more. Trivia 101 is my favorite of the bunch for having the most interesting questions, although 3-K Trivia deserves mention for allowing you to add your own questions to the program.

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