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This is a real blast from the past :) Anthony Wood of AW Software has kindly programmed and released, for free of charge, a wonderful Microsoft BASIC interpreter for Windows. Included in this download is not only Wood's interpreter, but also dozens of classic BASIC games - including all of the best games from David Ahl's wonderful Creative Computing magazine. In addition to the author's own creations, you will find classic BASIC games including Wumpus, Hammurabi, Super Star Trek, Eliza, Lunar Lander, and many more. As the author says, "...[each] game included in this collection is an original, un-cut classic game from the '70s and early '80s. Although these versions are TRS-80 versions, they are very similar, if not identical, to versions for other computers of the day (Apple II, PDP-11, etc.)."

If, like me, you grew up copying commands from Creative Computing into the computer, this download will bring a flood of nostalgia. This interpreter also runs other oldie BASIC games (with *.bas extension) very well too, so feel free to use it for any other BASIC games you have. Highly recommended.


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