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Collex Plus! is the "definitive" version of A1 Collex, a fun and unique brainteaser. Your goal is to move your box around the board to collect all the numbered boxes in ascending order, as well as all the star boxes from the gameboard. This must be done under a strict time limit.

Time limit is the least of your worries, however, compared to this tough rule: all the other boxes on the board move with your box. If you move your box one tile north, for example, then all the other boxes will shift one tile north as well. So you must plan your moves carefully so that you won't get your box or other boxes "trapped" on the board. You can also design your own levels using a built-in editor.

Collex Plus! is unique, fun, and very challenging at higher difficulty levels. Formerly released as shareware, the game has now been released into the public domain by its designer. Collex Plus! includes 120 levels ranging from easy to near-impossible for your puzzle-solving enjoyment. If you like Kye or similar devious puzzlers, this one will challenge and captivate you for hours on end. Highly recommended to puzzle fans everywhere.


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