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This multiple-choice quiz game, published as part of Big Blue Disk #21, asks one hundred questions about computer hardware and software. Interestingly, the player is given three "men," and loses a man every time a question is answered incorrectly. Bonus men can be earned by answering ten questions correctly. At the end of play, men are cashed in for points, meaning that the best possible score is 113. Obviously, this is a bit dated, but it's a fun snapshot of the computer world of the late eighties.

Another excellent ASCII game by Scott Miller of Apogee game, Computer Quiz was included on Softdisk's "Big Blue Disk" number 21. Here's a summary of plot and gameplay from the game's instructions:

"Okay, you've bought a PC, or at least begged, borrowed, or stolen the use of one to run BIG BLUE DISK. But how much do you really know about computers? This quiz lets you test your knowledge about computers, to see if you qualify for the inner circle of computerdom. In the process you might just learn something about how your PC works."

If you like trivia games, then this will be right up your alley. As always, Scott Miller has a knack for making seemingly banal or commonplace concepts seem interesting, and there's no exception with his trivia games. The questions are all interesting or entertaining or both, and you are guaranteed to learn something new by the time you are done ;) There is no time limit, and with 100 questions, it will take at least a few hours to finish the game. Try all three games in his trivia series (Computer Quiz, IBM Basic Quiz, and Astronomy Quiz) -- they come highly recommended.

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