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Linkz is an excellent PC remake of Kplumber, a very addictive puzzler for Linux. The goal of Linkz is simple: connect all the ends of the pipes to each other to end up with fully closed figures. It does not matter how the pipes are connected, just as long as no pieces are left "open." You can only rotate the pipes without moving them, and multiple solutions are possible - especially on larger maps. You can choose from different sets of tile graphics or add your own, and the size of playing field can also be customized. An average 10x10 map takes around 1-3 minutes to solve, making the game ideal for coffee breaks.

Linkz is easy to learn but hard to master. One trick I find useful is to do the tiles on the edges of the map first, because you know that those ends cannot lead outside the map. No two maps are the same, because the game randomizes every new map - but all are fully solvable. You will therefore play it again and again, just to see if you can solve the new map and beat your high scores. With its elegant concept and flawless execution, this little brainteaser will keep puzzle fans hooked for more minutes than they will care to admit. It certainly now has a permanent place on my hard drive.


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