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In this simulation of the famous TV game show, the questions are asked, and players must find the answers, which are hidden in a letter grid. Players win points by finding the answers before their opponents do. The first player to earn 1000 points is the winner, and goes on to play in the Championship Round.

Rules of this computer edition are:

In Main Game Round One, a question is asked and a gameboard appears. Players must buzz in once they have located the correct answer on the gameboard. Players buzz in by pressing certain keys on keyboard.

In Main Game Round Two, a new gameboard appears and the point values are doubled. Round Two is played the same as Round One.

To locate an answer on the gameboard each player should:

a. Use arrow keys to move the pointer up or down to the correct row and press the Space Bar to confirm;

b. Use arrow keys to move the cursor across the columns to the first letter of the answer word and press the Space Bar to confirm.

c. Use arrow keys to move the cursor across the word and press the Space Bar on the last letter.

d. Correct any mistake and reset the row or column, pressing Backspace. This resets the cursor to the top left position on the grid.

The winner of the 1000 points in the Main Game Rounds plays the computer in a Championship Round.

1. A human player may be substituted for the computer if you wish.

2. A category is announced, and a gameboard appears with six hidden answers.

3. The first player to find one of the answers buzzes in and locates it. That player then has 20 seconds to locate the other five words.

4. If the player is successful, he/she wins the amount that the board is worth. (The first round is worth $200, the second round is worth $300, all the way up to the fifth round which is worth $600.)

5. If the player who buzzed in first cannot find all the answers in time, the other player will be given a chance to find the remaining words and win the money.

6. If the second player also cannot find the answers, then the first player wins the money.

7. Play continues until one player wins $1000.

8. The winner of the Championship Round goes on to play the Solo Round.

Solo Round 1. In the Solo Round, a new gameboard appears, and the player is given 60 seconds to locate the answers to 10 questions. If the player succeeds, he/she wins $5000.

2. The player may pass any question by pressing the "P" key and come back to it after the tenth question.

3. If a player does not find all 10 answers, he/she earns $100 for each correct answer.

The game is available to 1-2 players. Hall of Fame stores all the most successful players.

Now You See It is a decent computer version of the short-lived game show hosted by Chuck Henry, which was the show CBS replaced the hugely popular $100,000 Pyramid with (in one of their worst decisions ever).

NYSI is best described as a "word search" game in which the winner is determined in four rounds. In the first round, two new players competed for the chance to take on the returning champion. They sit facing a big board which contains 4 lines and 14 letters on each one. A clue is read (e.g. "What kind of cartoon animal coined the phrase 'What's up, Doc'?) and if a teammate buzzes in and finds the line that the word is located in, his/her partner (whose back is turned throughout the game) must turn around and find the answer (in this case, "rabbit") and its positon (the position of the first letter in the word) on the gameboard. If they do so successfully, they score points, depending on the position of the word on the board (for instance, if the word was on line 2, and the first letter in it was in position 7, that would be 9 points = 2+7). The game goes on in a similar fashion for 2 more rounds to eliminate contestants. The winner from the third round then gets to play the appropriately named Solo Game for a cash jackpot, in which he/she must find 10 answers to question on the board in 60 seconds.

The computer version of the game is quite faithful to the TV show, although most questions are too easy, and blocky, sub-par graphics are a nuisance. If you like the concept, though, you should give it a try, although the game (and the TV show itself) is simply not as much fun to play as more popular game shows, e.g. Jeopardy! or Classic Concentration. Those who are patient enough to memorize all the rules will probably enjoy it for a short while, but quickly forget it soon after.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

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