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Navigate your way through 101 increasingly complex and deadly levels to destroy the evil icon that is hidden in each one. Of course, to do that, you'll need a bomb, which you'll have to find first. You'll also have to collect keys, missiles, batteries, mirrors and other tools to help you deal with the obstacles in the maze.

S.C.OUT is so named, I have to assume, because you are scouting out the planet you crash landed on. S.C.OUT is an action-puzzle game, where you are tasked with completing the same objective on each level - blowing up a "robot face" - while fighting off enemies and solving increasingly difficult obstacles in do this.

I know, I know! You're saying "What!?" right about now. I don't blame you. Let me explain it in more simple terms. You control a vehicle (the scout), which has cargo space limited to carrying a single item. To complete a level you must carry an egg-shaped bomb to a specific game tile that just happens to be a cyborg-looking "face." Once the bomb is in place, you must then fire the pre-existing, pre-positioned gun at the bomb to explode it.

To accomplish this task you use very straight forward controls: the arrows keys to move as expected, the space bar to fire, and the "get" key, which I defined as "X." Options are provided to redefine the keys in whatever fashion you want. A joystick is supported, but not the mouse. Sounds are present and they do the job nicely, but there is no music during the actual game play, only a short "you won" song after you finish a level.

There are some tidbits that you should understand to reduce your frustration. Again, you can only carry a single item at a time, so that is used in many puzzles. You must learn what to carry and when. For example, you must drop the bomb to pick up a key that will open the lock that is blocking you way, then return and pick up the bomb.

Your gun can only fire a single rocket at a time, and you must be carrying the rocket, meaning you must drop the bomb to pick one up. In addition, you can only fire in the direction the rocket is facing when you pick it up! If the obstacle you need to remove is north of you, you must find a rocket that faces north and carry it.

There are many special squares and item, and I cannot list them all out quite frankly without playing each and every level to ensure I would see them all. You're a big boy (or girl), so you can figure them out if you want to. One example is a small square etched on the ground that I suppose is a "monitor screen" or some such. When you drive over it, your vehicle "freezes" briefly and you can move the view around the level for a sneak peak of what lies ahead.

S.C.OUT is an interesting game with simple concepts, but complex puzzles. Thankfully, the game uses a password system that allows you to continue at the last puzzle you didn't complete. There are some issues (see below), but the game is worth a look as you won't find it at many other places.

French game. But that doesn't matter, as long as you know what 'Jouer' means. You are a tank and you have to move stuff, shoot stuff and solve little puzzles. Quiet good sound and graphics.

Decent puzzle game by Atreid Concept (Kalisto), S.C. Out is a Chip's Challenge - style game that features an option to create and play your own levels. The premise is simple: navigate your ship on a 2D board to the exit. On the way, you will need to collect keys, toggle switches, and deal with obstacles such as one-way arrows and more. Unfortunately, Chip's Challenge does it better, and with much more ingenious level design than S.C. Out. Fortunately, the game's level editor tool is versatile and easy to use, so you can make up for the game's lack of challenge by creating your own levels. Anyone who's interested in the editor should take a look, but die-hard puzzle fans should pass on this lackluster old game.

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