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Spryjinx is a platform game in which two players compete to get the highest score by jumping on platforms. Platforms are moving from the top of the screen to the bottom where they are destroyed. Initially all the platforms are grey but when a player jumps onto a platform it will change color to that players color. A number on the platform indicates how much points it is worth and this amount will be added to the players score when it drops out of the screen. In addition to standard platform blocks with numbers on them there are ones with a question mark (gives a random number of points) and ones with a red devil (moves to adjacent free spaces).

To make the game more interesting there are several bonus items: Paint bucket: Allows the player to paint platform blocks permanently. The opponent can not change the color. Lightning bolt: The player will move twice as fast. Glue bottle: Grants the ability to glue the other player to the ground. Bomb: Destroys a number of platform blocks. Magnet: Allows the player to move platform blocks to free places by jumping out in the air. There are two ways to win the game: Get the most points or kill the opponent three times.

Spryjinx is a small freeware gem that combines elements from two Atari 2600 classics, Quick step and Q-Bert, into a charming and fun reflex-oriented puzzler. The object of the game is to either score more points then your opponent, or kill him. You score points for platforms that are your color when they are destroyed when reaching the bottom of the screen. You turn a platform your color by being the last one to jump off of it. When a player hops onto a platform, it will change to his/her color. If both players are on the same platform, it will be neutral-colored until one hops off of it. The other way to win is to kill your opponent by getting him/her stuck on the bottom row when it is destroyed. This is much easier said than done, since it means you must "lead" him to the spot you want, at just the right timing that doesn't get YOU stuck.

There are many power-ups and bonus items that appear randomly on screen. These include paint buckets, lightning bolts, glue bottles, bombs, and magnets. You can choose from different boards, difficulty level, and the number of players. You can also play against a friend in hot-seat mode, although the controls are too awkward for two people. There is also a level editor for designing your own boards if you find the default one too easy. Overall, Spryjinx is a fun, unique, and challenging freeware gem that requires both quick reflexes and quick thinking. Highly recommended for Q-Bert fans everywhere.

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