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Ultimate Spin Doctor is an utterly addicting game that forces you to think fast as you maneuver your spinner around the field. Not only do you have to avoid obstacles and enemies but also, on higher levels, swing around walls, open doors, deal with bombs and oil slicks and avoid guns and bullets.

However, the claim on the box of 100 levels of play is a little misleading. In reality, there are only 25 levels, each playable at four levels of difficulty. While Expert Software may think that translates into 100 levels, it really doesn't in my book. The level itself doesn't change because of a higher degree of difficulty.

The strategy of the game is all about timing and learning how to control your spinner. You can choose between moving, flipping and bouncing. Moving takes you to the next dot but changes the direction of the spin once there. Flipping also moves you to the next dot but keeps the spinner going in the same direction. Bouncing prevents reaching the next dot by causing a reverse direction of spin, a move that can also be achieved by hitting the space bar.

In addition to normal dots, several other types are encountered. Bonus dots increase your score once you transfer your spinner onto them, shield dots protect you from enemy clock hands, teleporter dots come in linked pairs and transfer you from one dot to another, waystation dots act as mini-level saves and ring dots disappear after you have used them once.

One correct claim on the box is that the game is just as addictive as Tetris, though it requires a different sort of strategy. Add to that timed levels and enemies and the game is actually more addictive and great fun as well.

Unfortunately, there is no way to save your game in mid-play, so be sure you have quite a bit of time set aside before you start a game of Ultimate Spin Doctor. But, be warned! You really will get addicted to playing this fascinating, frustrating and fun game.

Graphics: The game board looks slick and is nicely presented. Each of the enemies is easy to recognize and all the different dots are usually easy to distinguish.

Sound: Mostly forgettable but there is music.

Enjoyment: Utterly addicting. Install this where you work and you might have problems getting any work done!

Replay Value: The many challenges that can be tacked on to every level include time, difficulty and playing with a friend. This ensures enough replay to last months, if not years. The interest factor remains high even with prolonged play.

Ultimate Spin Doctor is an obscure Windows version of ClockWerx, an innovative puzzle gamer that was endorsed by Tetris father Alexei Pajitnov and published by Spectrum Holobyte in 1995. The game remains the same as ClockWerx, except a nice Windows-based interface, all-new tutorial levels, and some new levels at high difficulty. Your goal in the game is to maneuver a spinning clock hand from one part of a grid to a gateway that leads to the next level. Over 100 exciting play fields include such obstacles as enemy clock hands, oil globs and spikes. If you have played and finished ClockWerx, USD offers more devious levels to tax your brains. If you have never played ClockWerx, then this is the definitive version of a very addictive and original brainteaser that requires both reflexes and wit to succeed. Highly recommended.

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