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Wheel of Fortune allows you the opportunity to be a contestant on Merv Griffin Productions' TV game show. Host Pat Sajak and hostess Vanna White don't appear in the game but the wheel and game board remain intact. A nameless female does the letter-turning chores normally performed by Vanna White.

Up to three players can participate in Wheel of Fortune. The object of the game is to solve the puzzle on the board by filling in the hidden letters of a person, place, thing, phrase or other category. In turn, the contestants spin the wheel and earn the amount of money indicated after the wheel stops (multiplied by the number of consonant matches). If you want to guess a vowel, you purchase it for $250.

A turn continues until the player either guesses a letter that is not in the puzzle, enters a letter that has already been guessed, enters a vowel after spinning (it wasn't paid for), gives the wrong answer to the puzzle or takes more than ten seconds to respond. Also, the turn ends if you spin the wheel and it lands on Bankrupt or Lose A Turn. Conversely, the wheel can stop on Free Spin, usable at any point during the game during your turn.

Rounds two and three are played in the same fashion as round one. The player who accumulates the most cash at the end of the three rounds of play is rewarded with a bonus round. To win the big prize, you choose five consonants and one vowel and have 30 seconds or less in which to try and solve the puzzle.

A very basic translation of the popular game show Wheel Of Fortune, where you guess letters until you can guess the phrase. This CGA version has three old-school rounds of Wheel of Fortune (where the puzzles are simply "Phrase", "Title", "Person", etc.) and then a bonus round. You can compete against 2 computer players or up to three people can play against each other.

You know Wheel of Fortune, don't you? Probably one of the best known TV shows of all times. You spin the wheel, name letters and find out the term. Basically it's very simple, but there is a wide range of terms to guess and you can win a nice sports car or a dream vacation in the bonus round... Hm well, not for real of course. ;) Anyway - a nice little game for a round or two - might also be good to improve your vocabulary. Not a smash hit, but nice.

One of the most successful game shows ever made, Wheel of Fortune is a very popular TV program that catapulted Vanna White to stardom as one of the most recognizable TV celebrities. For those who has never seen the show, WOF is a language game that requires both luck and skill. The object is to solve a "hangman"-like mystery puzzle. Three contestants compete, taking turns spinning a huge wheel divided into sections containing various dollar amounts, as well as spaces such as "BANKRUPT", "LOSE A TURN" and "FREE SPIN". If a contestant span a dollar amount, he/she could then guess a consonant to receive that dollar amount for every time that consonant appears in the puzzle. An incorrect guess or spinning the wheel to one of the penalty spaces means control goes to the next contestant. At any time during a player's turn, they can elect to spin the wheel; ask to "buy a vowel" of their choice, in which case $250 is deducted from their score; or solve the puzzzle. The player with the most winnings at the end of the show is pronounced the champion and gets to play a bonus puzzle, which he/she had 15 seconds to solve after guessing five consonants and one vowel to be uncovered.

Softie, which later became GameTek, obtained an exclusive license to produce computer version of this popular gameshow, on the heels of getting a Jeopardy! license. The game milked the license relentlessly, releasing approximately one WOF PC game each year between 1987 and 1994. New features were added as technologies advanced, from CGA to VGA and digitized voices of Vanna White in the 1991 Deluxe Edition. Each new version features more questions than the last, although they disappointingly border on the easy side and tend to be from only a few categories (e.g. people's names, common nouns). Still, fans of the TV show will definitely enjoy these computer releases which are quite faithful to the originals. Don't expect a tough challenge, but do expect Vanna White's characteristic smile and flipping of white cards :)

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