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Xixit is a Columns-inspired action puzzler developed by demosceners. Groups of three blocks fall into a pit; control and drop them to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal groups of three or more, which are removed and scored. The registered version adds a two-player mode to the standard solitaire game.

Xixit, sometimes even known as Chain Reaction, is one of the most brilliant Tetris clones ever. Actually it's not even a clone per-say. It took the concept of Tetris, but added a very nice and pleasant twist. The game kept the original addictiveness of Tetris, but also brought something new and fresh with it.

As you may imagine by the introduction, the game is all about blocks dropping down the screen. Again, you can navigate them and drop them faster and you need to arrange them in a certain order, so you can clear the lines they build at the bottom of the screen. The more lines you clear off, the more points you gain and the longer the game lasts. As soon as the screen is so filled up that another block can not start falling down, the game ends.

So far, so Tetris, you might say. It's true, but unlike Tetris, where you needed to arrange the blocks according to their shape, you won't need to worry about that anymore. No, your main worry will be the colors of the blocks. Each block has three parts and every part can have a different color. You need to get at least three parts of the same color in line (either vertically, horizontally or diagonally) in order to clear the line. The above blocks will then start falling down.

It's, so to say, a colorful version of Tetris.

I guess there's no need to say then, that this game has colorful graphics, but then again, in 1995 it was very uncommon to have a computer which didn't support 256 color VGA graphics.

The sounds are nothing special, but they won't start going on your nerves, so you needn't switch off the speakers, still you might prefer to put on some favorite song of yours and turn the game sounds off. You won't need them anyway; they're just an addition (and make a somewhat solid use of the soundcard).

So if you like Tetris style games and would like to try something fun and quite original (even if strongly familiar) I'd say Xixit is just the thing for you. Highly recommended!

One of the most addictive Tetris variants ever, Xixit is like Tic-Tac-Toe meets Tetris: arrange the falling colored blocks to make 3 in a row in any direction to make them disappear. Like Tetris, Xixit is easy to play yet hard to master, and the higher levels are very challenging even for Tetris meisters. This game was one of the most popular time-wasters at my office :)

Note: If you like this game, be sure to check out Chain Reaction, an updated version released by Webfoot in 1996 - also on this site, of course ;)

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