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Guide your drilling bit through the underground tunnels and collect the dots of oil. Be sure to avoid the underground pests in the eight levels and beyond. With each completed level you get to see a small movie of Slater the "Petrosaur" in his antics in this remake of the original.

Howdy partners! GameBringer here and I'm bubbling over with excitement to provide you with this slick puzzle game from one of my all time favorite game studios: Sierra. I had to explore my super secret vault and dig really deep to pump this review out for you. And don't worry; I still have a barrel full of oil puns left for the remainder of the review, so let's get started...

Oil's Well, is, as mentioned, a puzzle game, and quite a simple one in concept. It reminds me of games like Pipe Mania because... well, that puzzle game has a pipe in it and so does Oil's Well. The goal in Oil's Well is to drill for oil... wait, no! It's to drill for little white dots. Let's pretend the little white dots - actually more like rectangles, but that too much typing - are oil.

Using your retractable drill bit you must excavate all the oil (white dots, wink, wink) on the level, while avoiding those slippery subterranean pests, bombs and anvils (I think). Obviously drilling for oil can be a dangerous and risky prospect for game players. The pests - ants, termites, and other unknown bugs - crawl through the tunnels and if they touch any part of your extended pipe, you lose a life. If, on the other hand, you drill over them they become just more fossil fuel and add to your score. The bomb and anvil work in the exact opposite way. No damage is inflicted upon your pipe if the bomb or anvil intersects with your pipe, but you will lose a life if the drill bit burrows into them.

It can be easier and harder than it sounds. The game has three levels of difficulty to keep the game gassed up: Regular (ask you parents), Unleaded, and Premium. There is also at least one blinking white circle, that when drilled, causes all creatures to slow down temporarily, allowing you the opportunity to reach the last drops of oil in the farthest reaches.

The mouse is easiest to use, although keyboard and joystick are supported, so lubricate your fingers for some clicking fun. Left click on the location you wish to drill to and the pipe will take the shortest route to that point. Right-click (and hold) to retract the drill bit in order to avoid pests or to change direction of your drilling.

F2 toggles the music, F6 toggles the little animation between levels, F9 is a restart level, and F10 is exit to DOS. Speaking of music, this game has the typical Sierra type ditty, which is nice enough to erupt only at the title screen and between levels. During game play there is only silent so you can concentrate on the black gold!

Drilling for Texas Tea can be fun for a while, but eventually you will be tapped out playing Oil's Well and will need to explore other territory. It's a fun little game for 1 or 2 players that's a sure fire commodity to have around. "Oil's well that ends well!"

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