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The Lemmings are back with more puzzles than ever and a perilous journey through a device constructed by the Weasels. This 3D-strategy game works like a revolving cylinder. Lemmings Revolution is guaranteed to please former Lemmings game fans and will continue to bring in a new audience. After you've played Lemmings Revolution for a while, you'll be heavily addicted.

The first levels begin easily enough with the object to get your Lemmings to the hot air balloon (although later these are found to lead them into more dangerous areas). The entire puzzle area can be rotated so you can see where the Lemmings are going. You have to teach them certain actions such as building steps and blowing themselves up to save the rest of the lot as well as different skills (noted in the level title) in each area. You only complete a level if you successfully save the required number of Lemmings. More difficult challenges and a requirement to save even more Lemmings comes with each new level.

The graphics are quite superior to previous Lemmings' games. Since the entire screen is rotated, it presents new graphic ideas (everything is more 3D) and the surrounding areas are very nice to look at. Lemmings Revolution is a long game with many puzzles to solve. Even after the first seven levels have been completed, you're not on your way to freedom, as more difficult areas loom ahead.

Regardless of age, most gamers will find this game worthwhile. Young children can learn from Lemmings Revolution due to the puzzles and different problem solving skills required and adults, too, will find the game challenging. The levels of difficulty are such that many people of all ages can play the game.

As with many puzzle strategy games, problems can be found in repetition and in that respect, the screen view never changes in Lemmings Revolution. However, the details in each change and, of course, the puzzles get drastically different. But, after viewing the same screen for an hour, it starts to wear thin. Another major problem is the inflexible requirement to view the demo about the Weasels at the start of every single game, almost incentive enough to make you not want to play.

In summary, this is a good game with plenty of puzzles to wrack the brain and lots of good graphics to please the eye. So, a little bit of Lemmings Revolution in small doses can be a very good thing indeed.

Graphics: The 3D rotation is a nice effect and makes this Lemmings adventure one of the best graphically in the series. The scenery and lush color is very nice.

Sound: The little "yippie" sound each Lemming makes when it finally makes it to the hot air balloon is cute and the screams of the dying Lemmings is rather amusing.

Enjoyment: An addictive puzzle game that will no doubt keep you playing for weeks and months, even years on end.

Replay Value: Gameplay in Lemmings Revolution provides different routes you can take during the game, thus, replays offer slightly varied routes to the goal.

If you are a fan of Lemmings games from the 1980's and '90's, stop reading and download Lemmings Revolution now! It's more challenging, more visually appealing, and easier to operate than the earlier incarnations, and the Lemmings are still unbearably cute.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the history of the Lemmings games may have heard of real live lemmings, rodents that have been known to plunge off cliffs in communal suicide. The digital Lemmings aren't any smarter, and it's your job to guide them to the waiting hot air balloons that will carry them to safety without allowing them to drown, fall to their deaths, melt in a vat of acid, or otherwise meet their demise.

Helpful skills, such as the ability to build a bridge over a hole in the path or bash through a wall that blocks the way, can be assigned to individual Lemmings. However, only a limited number of Lemmings can be taught each skill, and the other members of the tribe will not stand still while a skilled Lemming finishes his task, unless you can find a way to confine them.

The puzzle area itself provides a unique twist. Instead of the two-dimensional, rectangular play area that's typically used in this type of game, each puzzle is constructed on a cylindrical base, as if wrapped around a tree trunk. The Lemmings can walk around the entire structure if there are no obstacles in their path, and it's easy to lose track of some of them while working with another group on the other side, if you're not paying attention.

The only great aggravation in playing this game involves saving your progress through the puzzles. First, only one game in progress can be saved at any time. For a household containing more than one puzzle fan, this can be a problem.

The second issue, which is much more frustrating, is the inability to save your progress within an individual puzzle screen. Checkpoints would be welcome in higher-level puzzles in particular, where one misstep can ruin a long and winding path of painstaking construction.

Despite this administrative shortcoming, Lemmings Revolution is an engaging puzzle game, which will challenge any strategist.


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