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Puzz-3D Neuschwanstein Bavarian Castle CD-ROM Game is the fourth title in the delightful series by Dyad Digital Studios Inc. that eliminates the aggravation of finishing a puzzle only to have the last piece or two missing. The virtual worktable allows complete control over sorting pieces into multiple trays by color or section, 2D and 3D construction using three zoom levels, and merging of the completed sections into a glorious 3D model of the 19th century castle. Once completed, you can explore the photo-realistic 3D environment while playing multiple games hidden within its corridors and rooms.

Features include historical video clips, four skill levels ranging from easy to super challenging, progress reports using graphs or times, multiple characters from the era (King Ludwig II and Richard Wagner), as well as mythical gods and goddesses like Wotan, Venus, Siegfried, and Brünnhilde. Mini-games focus on Ludwig's painting of Isolde and Tristan, his throne, Wagner's musical compositions, and Siegfried's sword Notung.

Beyond the satisfaction of having all pieces available, Puzz-3D Neuschwanstein Bavarian Castle CD-ROM offers a chance to remove the curses through interactive exploration and clue gathering that Wagner reportedly bestowed on his characters. Other puzzles in the series include the Notre Dame Cathedral, a Victorian mansion, and the famed Orient Express.


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