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Gubble D. Gleep loves to sleep. Imagine his surprise when he is rudely awakened by an alien robot to perform a mission that isn't even his. In Gubble, you control the cute little alien, Gubble D. Gleep himself as he tries to unfasten zymbots that have been screwed, nailed, riveted, or otherwise fastened down to the planet Rennigar by space pirates. In the game, a zymbot equates to a level, and it's your job to unfasten all the zymbots from the planet's surface. A zymbot looks a bit like a maze, with slats and structures held to the surface with various fastening devices. Scattered across the levels are the tools you will need to unscrew the zymbots and save the day. Your arsenal includes screwdrivers, drills, sanders, hammers, and other implements of disattachment. You move Gubble in his movable chair, and when he travels over a tool, he picks it up. Then it's simply a matter of moving Gubble over the fastener, and unscrewing it. Sounds simple, right? Rolling gears, robots, flying saucers, volcanos and more guard the zymbot and try to knock you down. Some enemies are intelligent, others are not. The intelligent ones chase you down, fire at you, or dive bomb you as you try to unlatch the various zymbots. The others just travel in a fixed path, changing course only when something gets in their way.

The graphics in the game are lovely, very high-quality SVGA, and extremely colorful. The level design is excellent, each progressive city you enter gets more and more difficult without getting the least bit boring. The music and sound effects are also remarkable, the levels' soundtracks being very catchy little tunes you will find yourself humming long after the game is over. Gameplay itself is very entertaining arcade fun that is simple to learn, and very addicting. Travel over the proper tool, and move across the zymbot over the fasteners, undoing them all while avoiding the guardians. Each hit by a guardian takes a little bit of your health, and when it's gone, the game is over. The action takes place over 150 zymbots scattered across 10 cities, so there is plenty of gameplay for your dollar. You'll be playing Gubble for quite awhile. Gubble is tremendous fun, very original and inventive. Best of all, everyone can enjoy this game, kids to adults. If ever there was a 'kid-safe' game, this is it. No extreme violence, blood, or adult content whatsoever. The most violent thing that happens is Gubble getting knocked off of his perch. Please note, just because Gubble is kid safe does not mean that adults will find it boring. If you like arcade fun with a bit of strategy mixed in, you'll enjoy Gubble.

In fact, I have only one complaint about the game, and that is it's game-saving mechanism. In the cities, there are markers that allow you to run into them and save your game. Saving your game also restores your health to 100%. Unfortunately, there are less markers than levels, so saving your game becomes a strategy in itself. You need to decide how many levels you think you can beat before thinking about saving. Complete two or three levels, then have a stroke of bad luck and you'll be back playing those other levels over again. I like the idea of the markers that restore your health and you decide when to use them, but I dislike having to play levels over again simply because I thought I could beat 'one more level'. A better mechanism would be to let you save after completing each level, and leaving the markers in place for health powerups only. That way, I could sit down and play one or two levels at a time, instead of having to dedicate myself to a more lengthy session. Other than that, Gubble is a refreshingly original game that everyone can enjoy.

Bottom Line: Tremendous fun for all ages. Colorful graphics, excellent level design, and even cute enemies make this game extremely enjoyable. Saving after each level is not an option, you need to decide when it is the best time for you to save, causing more replayed levels than is desirable.


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