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The Country Video Moving Puzzle Game. Here is a whole new way to play music videos. As you watch each video, the screen is divided into squares that are all mixed up. You have to unscramble each video while it is playing and before the music ends. It takes just minutes to learn, but provides hours of challenging entertainment. Features: 1 to 10 Players, 5 Levels of Play, 500 Degrees of Difficulty, Great Country Sound - Play it Loud. The Main Screen is where you choose which of Country's most popular videos you will play. Country Vid Grid starts easy, with just 9 puzzle pieces and simple drag and drop movement, but gets progressively more challenging as pieces are added and players encounter slider, perfection, inverted pieces and other puzzle types. Featuring full-length, uncut videos by: Reba McEntire - Why Haven't I Heard From You, George Jones - High-Tech Redneck, Tracy Byrd - Watermelon Crawl, Joe Ely - Highways and Heartaches, Vince Gill - What the Cowgirls Do, Mary Stuart - Kiss Me, I'm Gone , Trisha Yearwood - Wrong Side of Memphis, The Mavericks - What A Crying Shame, Mark Chestnut - It Sure Is Monday.

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