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Crosswords & Word Games features 150 daily and themed crossword puzzles. Categories include music, babies, animals, picnics, nature, and more. Also available is a built-in crossword dictionary and an option to create custom puzzles. The word games portion of the disc includes the following six titles: Word Match, Telephone Scrabble, Hangman, Word Search, Word Scramble, and Crypomania.

Crosswords & Word Games is composed of seven games: Crosswords150 Crossword Puzzles pulled from a variety of topics. Telephone ScrambleUsing the alphanumeric keys on a simulated telephone touch pad, unscramble famous names and more. Crypto-maniaDecipher famous quotes and titles. Word SearchFind words hidden in a grid of letters. Word MatchMatch the word to its definition. HangmanFill in the blanks before the stick figure is hanged. Word ScrambleUnscramble the anagrams to make familiar words.

Each puzzle comes with a ready made word list or can be customized with a user-made word list and printed out.

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