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Antix (AntiXonix) is a QIX variant. There are multiple balls bouncing across the screen. You have to slide your character across the screen to stop them. Every time you surround an area that isn't occupied, it disappears. You have to try to get rid of as much space as possible. Every time you destroy a certain amount of land, you go to the next level. Don't let your character get hit by one of the balls or you lose.

You also have to avoid the balls sliding behind the playing field. They show up every now and then where there used to be land that you destroyed. But after they go behind the playing field, you can't see them until they come out again. If you get hit by them, you also lose. You have five lives. Every now and then, the speed increases and you have to be even better. At every level another ball is added and it gets harder. When you die, add your score to the high score list and see if you're the best.

Styx in another style.

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