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Animal Math is an educational game that uses pictures of animals to teach counting, sequences, addition and subtraction. For example, you choose addition and have to complete eight sums. When you have completed the eight correctly the game displays the congratulations screen with a fun little tune and then you move onto more difficult equations.

Aimed at junior school age children the game is simple enough for them to use. The text and pictures are big and easy to read.

This simple game is designed to introduce numbers to children. Player is put to simple tasks and solving should improve some basics skill with numbers and math.

Numbers are presented as animals and there is no wrong answer. Also, to answer you simply have to type one-digit or two-digit numbers. After 8 correct answers you will receive the word of praise and hear the short tune. Then you start new round and tasks are slightly harder then before. More precisely, numbers will slowly increase and you'll slowly learn numbers and basic math operations. All in all, children should adapt to this game quickly.

Game is divided into 4 parts:

1. Count Objects

2. Number Sequences

3. Addition

4. Subtraction

In the first part you'll learn to type numbers. You will be shown pictures of animals and you have to count the pictures. Then you have to type the correct number on your keyboard and press "Enter". After a while you should be capable of correctly recognizing the numbers. The second part is the only part without animals and the only part where you'll see numbers higher than 20. Player is presented with 4 numbers in a row and has to guess the next one. After playing those two parts for some time player should learn to count numbers up to 100 properly.

In the third and the fourth part you'll learn basic math operations of addition and subtraction. Player is shown two groups of animal pictures with "+" or "-" in between, depending on which part are you playing.

If you wish to quit current part you are playing simply type "q" instead of the answer. In order to exit the game, you will have to press "Ctrl" + "Break".

Game has rough graphics although it is very old. There is only one tune that plays at the start of the game and between the rounds. Also, the tune can't be interrupted which may be little boring even for the pre-school kids.

The mark of 1 should tell you that game is very simple and there is not much variety inside. However, it does have educational purpose. Recommended for preschool children only.

A very fun game for children to learn the basic principles of math. The game uses funny pics of a lot of different animals. Even I enjoyed playing it for writing this short review.

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