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Little Bombuzal has to blow up bombs on little islands in this puzzle game. In order to advance to the next level, all bombs need to detonate. There are various sizes of bombs. Bigger ones have such a huge blast radius that Bombuzal cannot trigger them directly - instead, he has to explode smaller bombs first and cause a chain reaction. So as one might imagine, later levels turn into loud blastfests that need to be carefully planned.

Besides, later levels introduce all kinds of additional hazards and gimmicks, like ice floors, movable bombs, disappearing ground tiles, and much more. Nobody said being a pyromaniac is easy.

Bombuzal is a very addictive little puzzle game. It's very simple, actually: You're a little bomb-demolishing creature, living on the green squares. Your job is to destroy every single bomb in each level, but not all the green squares, because you can't live on the ground below.

Sounds simple enough, but it's not. If there is a bomb on a square adjacent to the one you're blowing up, that one will explode too. Needless to say, you mustn't be in the blast area. You also need to be careful, because there are some big bombs out there, that will take out more than just the square they're on.

There are also special squares: Broken squares will disappear as soon as you walk over them, blue squares are icy and you'll slip off them, and so on. Don't think for too long, because apart from every level being timed, you're also in for an unpleasant surprise if you stand in one place for too long!

To make everything nicer you can play against a friend. You can also choose to play in 2D or 3D mode (but I suggest 2D - it's less confusing). The sounds are just basic, but then again, that's all that's needed.

This game is so challenging and fun, that I forbid you to play it unless you really have time to spare. Have fun with this one!

Bombuzal is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. Your goal is very simple - destroy all the bombs on the level, stay alive and advance to the next one. It may sound easy but it ain't. There are many different bomb and block types so Your job will be tougher. Also available are 2D and 3D views, so choose the one that suits You the best. This is a good one - go get it!

Bombuzal is a fun puzzle game by Image Works that plays like a cross between classic Boulderdash and Dynablaster. The goal is to destroy all the bombs on each level without hurting yourself. The game plays more complicated than it sounds, with many types of bombs, tiles (including the tricky "cracked" tiles that crumbles after you step on them the first time), and other obstacles to contend with. The game offers both a top-down 2D and isometric 3D view. The second looks nicer, but I prefer the 2D one as it just plays easier. But after all, it depends to what you got used to. Nice game overall-- just "ugly" compared to the Amiga/Atari ST versions :)

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