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Predecessor to Paganitzu, this game is just like Paganitzu. Sucessor to Castle Zhagwhar.

The game is a top down puzzle game, where you must push objects around and do many things to solve puzzles. You also have to watch out for enemies such as spiders.

Paganitzu and Chagunitzu is a pair of fun action/puzzle games programmed by Keith Schuler. In both games, your goal is to help a hapless hero go through rooms of puzzles and traps to find treasure and a way out. You will need to push objects, deal with hostile animals like snakes and spiders, and navigate puzzling maps. Both games are fun, easy to learn, and are a nice combination of reflexes and brain-teasing puzzles. If you enjoy the likes of Chip's Challenge but want a bit more action, both of these games are well worth your time. Both games even include some hidden rooms and treasures, built-in hints, and even funny animated sequences. Two thumbs up!

Some interesting information about the games' history in the designer's own words: "I started working on video games when I was about eight years old, using a TRS-80 Color Computer. Over the years I got a few minor things published in magazines, the most significant being a game called Castle Zhagwhar. My first few PC creations were board games. During high school, before I could drive, I created Chagunitzu, successor to Castle Zhagwhar. Scott Miller liked it and had me create the sequel, Paganitzu, for Apogee."

Download includes add-on levels and a level editor made by fangroup S&F Productions.

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