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Bound Plus is a fun freeware arcade-ish puzzler from Japan. Mistakenly labelled on many freeware sites as B-Zero for some reason - perhaps due to the file name - your goal in the game is to get to the exit on each level. You control a ball that can bounce on various surfaces and interact with objects. Naturally, there are numerous obstacles in your way. Scattered on each level are "special" boxes that can either help or hinder - part of the game's fun is to figure out which is which.

The game is easy to learn, but like all good reflex-based puzzlers, is hard to master. You steer the ball only with the left and right arrow keys. Game speed can be adjusted if you find the action too fast - which occurs more frequently than not. Crisp graphics and smooth animations round off this entertaining game. All in all, a very fun and quite addictive bouncing game from Japan that should appeal to all fans of arcade-style puzzle games. For more Bound games, check out the author's website below. Highly recommended!


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